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or use F instead of left click to suck blood

This is an early concept released for the 2016 /agdg/ Halloween Jam. I was lazy and only spent a couple days on it. I might turn it into something else later.

You play as a Vampire Bat named Batto and you must suck the blood of the Great Cowlossus while dodging its udder tentacle drones' attacks.

if there are any bugs just press esc and restart

The windows build runs a lot better than the webgl fosho.

tldr: land on cow, find veins, click

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags3D, bat, boss, cow, Halloween, Vampire
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Below is a standalone version, it runs much smoother.

Check title screen for controls


ShadowOfTheCowlossusV0.002_Win.7z 9 MB


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Was pretty fun.

this felt very exciting despite such a simple concept. i'm more impressed by these glitches that happen at random intervals, like every object stretching along a single axis into infinity, also distorting the camera? how does that even happen! this was also made in unity i assume

The only intended weird stuff was after the win condition, where everything gets all wiggly. Other than that, I've heard of bugs from friends that I haven't been able to replicate, like the bat getting scaled weirdly.

I spent way too much time on all the non-game stuff in this but it was worth it. Most of the work done here will benefit my other projects, which is one purpose of these game jams. I was sorta ashamed to post this because of its unfinished nature, but I had a deal with a friend to get him to submit his game as well.

(excuse the blogpost)

  • Fur shader: Custom (and still WIP) fur shader that allows adjustable density, pattern, length, fade etc.
  • Omnidirectional controller: This part gave me the most issues, and is responsible for the awkward handling in the demo. I ran into some vector/quaternion nightmares when I tried to make the bat cling and align to surfaces while still keeping his local rotation and controls. I also make the bat a child object of what he lands on, so he inherits some scaling/position from it, and if something goes wrong its possible for him to keep some of the scaling and get all weird.
  • Blood sucking: This was fun, but introduced some issues. In order for Unity to find the color of a pixel on a texture (blood vein), the texture has to be on a mesh collider. Since you can't animate mesh colliders, I had to make the cow sort of a minecraft monster, where his limbs were separate objects. You can also easily notice where his neck/head moves but the part you can land on does not.

I ran out of time with the milk shooting udder tentacles. I was planning on writing a really cool tentacle script that could stretch and curve realistically, and follow you better. I had to settle with some bullet hell type stuff that just got really annoying, and you could hide from them very easily.

tldr: I didn't spend enough time on it but released it anyway.

Yes, this is made in Unity. I'd recommend it for anyone interested in playing around with making games, especially for 3D. The next jam game I'm working on (due in 3 days, will be posted here) uses its 2D capabilities too.

thanks for the response!

That's some p intense action

This was really fun!