A downloadable game for Windows

-cheat: click in upper right hand corner of menu to unlock all 3 stages-

Serve your (young, brash, silly) dragon master!

3 minigames: Dinner time, Teeth brushing, and a bedtime massage! (or more)

This is a concept demo for a lewd game jam and my first "game" I've actually released, Its probably full of bugs and its definitely full of programmer art.

Game made in unity, models/assets made in blender.

also NSFW, its sorta hidden in the 3rd stage

also soundless, because I decided not to include my music that sounds like it came from a ghost who haunted Steve Reich's butt

feel free to leave any comments/critiques/suggestions/bug reports/etc

Tags3D, Cute, Dragons, kobold, lewd, massage, nsfw, teeth, vore
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Unzip with 7-zip or whatever


DragonServantFinalv2.7z 17 MB


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Cute game! Definitely looking forward to seeing what you'll be doing with this guy in the future.

Thank you! I'm still alive, have been working on 2D skills but the itch of gamemaking is still there, might be getting back to it soon

and hopefully something much more polished!


hey i dont see the secret ending.

what i need to do ?

rub the lower belly a bunch after the bar reaches above 3/4ths in the massage stage!


This is a wonderful little game! I must say, I am quite looking forward to seeing more with this guy - as has been mentioned, the dragon is entirely adorable, and I think all of the little minigames so far are fun and intuitive! This is definitely one that someone can get lost in for a good while, even in its current beta state!

Thanks so much for sharing! 

- Ember


Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my short iffy demo!
I've recently got a Gear VR headset, so I'm trying to rev the creative gears of motivation again.

I want to make another little thing with this dragon, maybe some VR (and non VR for those who don't have it) dragon petting and feeding, something really chill and cute, and probably with lewd options as well!  and definitely with more polish than this time limited demo had!


I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with! You do great work, judging by this little gem here, so I'm sure something with more polish will only be all the more delightful! Especially with adorable dragons and dragon tending, I will say that does help add to the excitement. 

Keep up the great work as you can! 


Thanks for the encouraging words!  It may be a while, but I'm certainly going to have something more to post in the future.


im on the second stage and im confused, it wont let me move on even though i thought i finished the stage????? and what do the bars mean??


I'd recommend using the cheat described on the top of the page to unlock all levels if you are having trouble.

I didn't make the bars at all clear in their purpose, but one is anger, and the other is teeth cleanliness. The cleanliness bar is 50% the bottom row and 50% the top row. Touching his gums or eyes will increase the anger meter, and he'll eat your toothbrush if you do it too much. You have 2 spare toothbrushes. Its probable that you got one to like 99% cleanliness or something

(its also a crappy unfinished demo, sorry)


oh so thats what he was doing, thanks!!

this is hands down (all over the dragon) one of the cutest games i've played. i'm gonna tell everyone i know about this. you have won my heart. there are just so many cute things about this it actually made me a bit emotional despite the briefness of the experience.

my only yearn was for a camera panning feature, so i could view the last two scenes from different perspectives. but that's about it (other than more scenes. i can't honestly say which i'd like more of since they're all wonderful).

thank you for this. i enthusiastically encourage more wholesome content like this

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Thanks for the comment! I've thought about coming back to this, but it was just a jam game and it needs a little more TLC than I'm willing to spend on it atm, since I have a couple other projects I'm working on. However, Its definitely not my last project with this dragon, and probably not my last lewd game either. I'm definitely working on improving the dragon model, since working with it exposed a lot of flaws.

Also the last two scenes are pannable (edit: rotatable, not pannable at all, you are right) with WASD on the keyboard unless something went horribly wrong with the build. You can zoom with mouse wheel too. Lemme know if that is what you meant, I could easily modify it and post a new build. Suggestions to add to it are also welcome, I could add stuff in my spare time.

P.S. Since its been out for a while: click in the very upper right of the menu a bunch for a quick "unlock all scenes" cheat. I know the first one is sorta tedious. I assume you got the "secret" ending as well?

Once again, thanks for the feedback!

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(yes, i have seen the secret ending. that was one part that i very much would have enjoyed panning)

i'm very excited to hear we'll be seeing more of this dragon. will you be uploading to this account? or is there another place that you're posting your projects? i would be delighted to see more

also, as far as suggestions...! there are so many things that a dragon needs tending to. trimming/buffing claws, polishing scales, accompanying them on their excursions to act as pack mule, organising their hoard, entertaining them (perhaps with something like hide-and-don'tgeteaten?), presenting gifts to appease them. i'm curious about the context though, because in the tooth brushing scene, the dragon's all bound up in this harness! is this something the dragon is into? so many possibilities

(edit:) oh, and thanks for the reply! <3

(edit x2:) i did actually forget to mention a visual problem. in windowed mode, some of the text displays weird or is altogether cut off. in case you didn't already notice!

Yes, I will use this account for any foreseeable future projects.

Yea, the dragon allows himself to be put in restraints for the tooth brushing, since he can get a bit snappy. He might also enjoy it a little ;). I didn't have time to complete a good animation for that part, so if you annoy him the toothbrush just magically warps to his mouth. The text issue was just me forgetting to snap some of the text to the corner, so it doesn't scale well.

Those suggestions are great! I can visualize many game mechanics from those situations. This game was originally called Kobold servant simulator, but I felt it better to have the player self insert or whatever. The idea was that the player is the dragon's servant, but he depends on you a little more than he should, due to his inexperience/fondness for you.

He was originally going to be either the main or sub-character in my main (non-nsfw) project, and maybe he still will be. You'll have to wait till ~January 8th for the demoday to see that one's progress.

I really appreciate the comments, they really boost motivation, thanks again!

Intressting and fun to play :3
I have sent you a mail, if you want to read it ~