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Well, even being a simple project, for sure it was well made and you did a great job, loved the pixel dinosaur and considering you was trying to do a heavy atmosphere you sure managed to do it pretty well. Did not found any bug, and 3rd person mode breaking the game makes a funny perspective of the things.

Thanks for the comment!  It was a fun little concept project.  The atmosphere was supposed to be over the top heavy handed, with some silly wordplay in there just because.  I had a lot of fun making it, and if I wasn't so lazy I'd continue it.

yeah, despite not really having a lot of elements and being a little silly, it very effectively created a heavy atmosphere and feeling. you don't really see anyone putting monologue/character voice in a platformer at all, and i'm honestly surprised this sort of thing isn't explored more. the character's confused feelings combined with the slow movement and moody music makes it just. nice and contemplative

although i'm not one for humanizations of dragon/dinosaur/creature culture, i was definitely feeling like i wanted this to be longer. even if you introduced no mechanics this would be captivating if you put the time into a story

i didn't catch any bugs playing through it, so that was good. i like that you could zoom out with the mouse wheel. there's something about 2dish games in unity that are just really charming because of the way the engine feels

anyway, keep up the good work!

Making a 2D game in a 3D engine gives you lots of possibilities, and also a couple complications with getting stuff pixel perfect.

The story was supposed to be a little heavy handed to the point of being silly, but ironic humor is fickle so it can go either way. I wanted to take the story in a surreal Silent Hill kind of direction but as always my ideas are grander than my time and ability [to avoid procrastination].

You can also hit middle click in the latest build to go into the experimental 3rd person mode that was going to be used for the 2nd level. It really breaks the game of course but its there.

Thanks for the comment!